XQJ v1.0, Jan 14, 2008

JSR 225: XQuery API for Java TM (XQJ)

Version 1.0

Jan 14, 2008

This Javadoc contains the version 1.0 edition of the definition of the XQuery API for Java TM (XQJ) 1.0.




JSR 225: XQuery API for JavaTM (XQJ)

Provides classes and interfaces for evaluating XQuery expressions against an XML datasource as well as for supporting related processing activities, such as defining the context, processing results, managing types, etc.

XQuery 1.0 is a query language being developed by the W3C XML Query Language Working Group. The XQuery 1.0 specification includes the following statement in its introduction:

XQuery is designed to be a language in which queries are concise and easily understood. It is also flexible enough to query a broad spectrum of XML information sources, including both databases and documents.
This specification will define a set of interfaces and classes that enable an application to submit XQuery expressions to an XML data source and process the results of these expressions. The design of the XQJ API will also take into account precedents established by other JSRs, most notably JDBC.

SQL (developed by INCITS H2 and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC32/WG3) is the query language supported by many relational DBMSs. JDBC is the JavaTM API that allows an application to submit SQL queries to an RDBMS and process the results of the query. This specification relates to XQuery in the same way that JDBC relates to SQL.

The specification may also provide the ability to submit XPath 2.0 expressions to an XML data source (XPath 2.0 is not a proper subset of XQuery 1.0 in the latest public working drafts).

This specification may allow an application to specify queries using XQueryX, the XML representation of XQuery expressions.

The specification consists of the javax.xml.xquery package that contains all the relevant classes and interfaces.

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