The BaseX XQJ

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Download BaseX XQJ

BaseX XQJ can be used by either altering your Maven Configuration or by downloading ZIP packages which contain all required jars, excluding BaseX itself of course.

BaseX XQJ via Maven Configuration

Add the following repository and dependency to your Maven POM file to get BaseX XQJ working in your Maven based project. If you plan to use BaseX XQJ in embedded mode, you will also need to include BaseX as a dependency also.



BaseX XQJ via ZIP Packages

If you're not using Maven, you can download a zip package which contains all nessacary jars to use BaseX XQJ. If you are planning on using BaseX XQJ in embedded mode, BaseX jars will also need to be included on the classpath at runtime.

Version Build Date Download Size
1.4.0 11th February 2015 332 kb
1.3.0 10th February 2014 323 kb
1.2.3 1st October 2013 682 kb
1.2.2 4th September 2012 682 kb
1.2.1 23rd August 2012 682 kb
1.2.0 8th June 2012 677 kb
1.1.0 5th June 2012 676 kb
1.0.0 27th April 2012 603 kb