The BaseX XQJ

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BaseX XQJ API 1.4

Quick Start

  1. Download and install BaseX.
  2. Launch BaseX via the "basexserver" service.
  3. Download the BaseX XQJ API.
  4. Compile and run the following code.
import javax.xml.xquery.*;
import javax.xml.namespace.QName;
import net.xqj.basex.BaseXXQDataSource;

public class QuickStart
  public static void main(String[] args) throws XQException
    XQDataSource xqs = new BaseXXQDataSource();
    xqs.setProperty("serverName", "localhost");
    xqs.setProperty("port", "1984");

    // Change USERNAME and PASSWORD values
    XQConnection conn = xqs.getConnection("USERNAME", "PASSWORD");

    XQPreparedExpression xqpe =
    conn.prepareExpression("declare variable $x as xs:string external; $x");

    xqpe.bindString(new QName("x"), "Hello World!", null);

    XQResultSequence rs = xqpe.executeQuery();